What is Your Right Option for Missing Teeth?

There are a lot of problems associated with missing teeth. Number one problem is that you will not be able to eat certain types of foods. Then you would not like your looks too.

Nevertheless, modern dentistry offers some excellent options for missing teeth. But you will have to think about the right options you can use to restore your smile. In order to get better understanding about it, it’s worth discussing the options along with their benefits.

Why you need teeth restoration

It’s important to get the teeth restored after their loss. Apart from the fact that restored tooth will help you in chewing the foods and speak properly; it will also help in avoiding the movement of surrounding teeth in order to fill the gap created due to tooth loss. Remember, misalignment of teeth as a consequence of tooth loss can create bite problems.

Furthermore, the loss of tooth makes the gum tissues and the jawbone to get deteriorated. This weakness of jawbone can result in the weakness of other teeth as well. Hence, the loss of one tooth can lead to the loss of other teeth.

Options to consider

The best solution is the one which suits you according to your budget, oral health and other circumstances. Generally, there are three options which your dentist would give you to get restoration after tooth loss.

Implant: A dental implant is the artificial replacement tooth root which is inserted in the jawbone area which would hold previous tooth. The root is inserted and fused into the place.

Fixed bridges: Bridges basically hold the surrounding teeth in order to fill the gap created by lost tooth.

Dentures: With the loss of entire arc of teeth in the jaw, it becomes extremely important to get something which could help in chewing. This is where dentures come in.

Each of these treatments offers some particular benefits and drawbacks.


Implants are great but they also require healthy jawbone to be there in place if you want to get your lost tooth or teeth replaced with implants. It means that this treatment is not for everyone. The benefits of implants are amazing. The first and foremost one is that implants are fixed just like natural teeth. This fixing can turn out to be beneficial for jawbone as it gets stimulated. Hence, the health of jawbone and surrounding teeth may actually improve with the help of implants. Nevertheless, this dental treatment is the most costly one.

Fixed bridges

This one is the cost effective option as compared to implants. When you lose a tooth, the two teeth on either sides of lost tooth are modified in order to make them hold the bridge. The center of bridge is the tooth like structure which is actually the restoration of lost tooth.


Upon losing all of the teeth in either or both jaws, the recommendation you may get from your dentist would be about the application of dentures. Dentures are fitted upon the gums, and an adhesive is applied to make sure that denture stays in place. It restores the bit force to an acceptable extent in affordable price.


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